Why Preventative Care Matters

Prevention as means to stay healthy and maintain a high level of physical functioning is as simple and synonymous with going to the dentist for a cleaning.  Preventative measures means going to see your physical therapist for a check up on mobility, flexibility, strength, dynamic movement abilities, core functioning, physical capacity testing and gross motor assessment.  Preventative care really is a proactive approach to not only getting healthy but maintaining a high level of health and fitness.  

Preventative physical therapy treatments consist of active and passive stretching, mobilizing, manipulating, recruiting and training our dynamic musculoskeletal system into efficient movement patterns.  Preventative care could also include soft tissue massage, manipulation and decompression.  There really is a lot of physical variety in the structures that are targeted in preventative care and depends on the individual person.  Generally people will be seen one visit per month for preventative care and treatment.

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